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◆Contractor Information

Property NameRequired
Room NumberRequired
Contractor NameRequired
Phone NumberRequired
Email AddressRequired

Note: Regarding the entry of email addresses, please refrain from using copy and paste operations.

Note: With the exception of unavoidable circumstances (applications by legal representatives), applications from individuals other than the contract holder will be declined.


◆Confirmation for Contract Holder

Regarding the Termination Date

The termination date is determined based on the lease agreement. If notice is given by the 1st of the month, the termination will be at the end of that month. If notice is given on or after the 2nd of the month, the termination will be at the end of the following month. Rent will be applicable for the period until the termination date.

Note: With the exception of some contracts, all terminations are considered on the last day of the month, and prorated settlement will not be conducted.

*Note: “Notice” refers to the application submitted by the contract holder through this form.

Associated Costs with Termination

For the specific lease agreement in question, the following special provisions have been established:

Early Termination Penalty

If the termination occurs within 2 years, an early termination penalty will be incurred.

Please refer to the lease agreement for details.


Note: At the time of contract signing, if an additional penalty is set due to the application of free rent or similar provisions, an extra penalty may be imposed.

The early termination penalty is a compensation amount that the landlord may claim to cover the loss of expected profits resulting from the tenant’s mid-term termination.

The requested amount for compensation will not change regardless of the reason for mid-term termination.


Cleaning Fee upon Move-out (Applies only to contract holders who choose to pay upon move-out)

Based on the lease agreement, a cleaning fee upon move-out is required.

No refunds will be provided for any reason.


Costs for Restoration due to Intentional or Negligent Actions by Contract Holder or Occupant

Based on the lease agreement, there may be additional charges apart from the cleaning fee upon move-out.

In case a settlement amount is generated after termination, an invoice will be sent to the email address registered with us. Please check for confirmation.

Additionally, if key return or move-out inspection is not conducted by the termination date, we will invoice prorated rent until the return of the keys.

Please note that in the event of no key return or move-out inspection by the termination date, it will be considered a termination cancellation, and rent payment will resume.

We appreciate your understanding and consideration during this busy time.


Payment Information


Please select your preferred payment method in the event that various charges are incurred.


Even if you do not anticipate any additional charges, please make a selection.

In accordance with the lease agreement and the guarantor contract, if payment for various charges is not received by the agreed date (within 1 week), except for certain contracts, the charges will be billed by the guarantor company. Please be aware of this in advance.


Cancellation of the Guarantee Company or Automatic Withdrawal

The above cancellation process will be officially conducted by our company upon receiving the electronic signature for the termination of the lease contract from you. However, depending on the timing of the month-end or month-beginning reception,

it may not be possible to stop the deduction of the next month’s rent. In such cases, subsequent arrangements such as refunds or offsets will be made at a later date,

so please kindly understand in advance.


Regarding the Room

With the exception of certain contracts, our company conducts move-out inspections. Please provide your responses to the following items based on the current status:

1.Smoking Inside the Room


Smoking Frequency  Cigarettes per day


Main Smoking Locations 


2.Presence of Water Leakage


If you selected “Present,” please specify the specific location.

3.Areas Suspected of Intentional or Negligent Damage


If you selected “Present,” please specify the specific location.

Fire Insurance Usability: 

Note: Not all repairs are covered by insurance.

4.Other Areas of Concern


Key Replacement

1.Key Replacement Arranged by the Customer During Occupancy


Manufacturer’s Name



Model Number



About Your New Address

1.Desired Date for Move-in InspectionRequired
First Preferred Date and Time  

Second Preferred Date and Time  

Third Preferred Date and Time  


Please input dates at least one week after the application date for move-in inspections.
If you wish to have an inspection within one week, please check “□ Schedule undecided” below and provide your preferred date in “2. Move-in Date.”
Please note that the confirmation of the inspection date and time will be finalized through a phone call or email from our company or a cooperating contractor based on your preferred date and time.
If you do not receive confirmation within two weeks of your preferred date, please contact us at the email address:

Schedule Undecided

If the desired inspection date is undecided, please check the box for schedule undecided without entering a date.
Please enter your desired inspection time between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
During the winter season or when the sun sets early, we may need to schedule an earlier time. Please understand this in advance.
Please specify the date when all belongings will be removed, as the room must be empty during the move-out inspection.
During the move-out inspection, hand over the keys to the contractor. After the inspection, access to the room will not be permitted.

2.Move-in Date

If the date for the move-in inspection is not decided due to checking “Schedule Undecided,” please input the move-in date.

3.New AddressRequired
4.Reason for Move-outRequired


Other Important Points

Please read each item and check the box (□) accordingly.

For internet facilities arranged by the customer, even if the provider indicates that removal is not necessary, please ensure that all equipment is removed by the inspection date. Additionally, upon move-out, please return the condition to the same state as during move-in.
If not removed by the inspection date, disposal costs will be charged as negligence.
Even during the lease period, returning the keys will be considered as vacating the premises, and interior cleaning will commence. (No refund of rent, etc.)
If the room has a numeric keypad lock, set the password to “0000” upon move-out and inform Land Trust of the move-out.
Regarding items left after move-out:

1.Abandon ownership of any valuable items.
2.If items are left, the actual cost of disposal will be borne by the customer.
For public utilities (electricity, etc.) contracted by yourself, please arrange for the cancellation procedure by the move-out date.


*After submitting your application, please open the URL in the email that will be sent to you at a later date and return the electronic signature. The cancellation process will not be complete until we receive the electronic signature, so please be sure to send it. If you reject the electronic signature at your convenience, please note that we will not accept any objections to the content. Furthermore, changes to cancellations after application (after submitting this form) are generally not allowed. However, if changes are unavoidable, a processing fee of 5,000 JPY (including tax) will be charged. We will start the next recruitment immediately after the application, so changes or cancellations will not be accepted if a new application is received.
*In the unlikely event that you do not receive the completion email (auto-generated), please contact us.
*After the completion of the cancellation form is confirmed by our company, the relevant department will send you a detailed email confirming the completion within 4 business days (excluding Wednesdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and Golden Week).

Handling of Personal Information

Consent Confirmation Form for Personal Information Protection Policy

1.Organization Name or Individual Name

Land Trust Co., Ltd.

2.Personal Information Protection Manager (or representative) – Name, Position, Department, and Contact Information

Manager, Management Department, 043-273-5994

3.Purpose of Using Personal Information

To conduct contract management operations, such as lease agreements.

4.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except with the prior consent of the individual concerned or as required by law, we will not provide the acquired personal information to third parties.

5.Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling Operations

There may be cases where all or part of the personal information handling operations are outsourced to external parties. In such cases, we carefully select outsourcing partners based on their ability to protect personal information with an appropriate management system, and a confidentiality agreement is concluded with the outsourcing partner to ensure strict management of customer’s personal information.

6.Requests for Disclosure, etc., of Personal Information

Customers can request disclosure, notification of purpose of use, correction/addition/deletion of content, suspension of use or erasure, and suspension of third-party provision regarding their own personal information. In such cases, we will confirm the customer’s identity and respond within a reasonable period.

For inquiries related to personal information at Land Trust:

Land Trust Co., Ltd. Personal Information Inquiry Desk
Address: 2-6-1 World Business Garden Malibu West 24th Floor, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-7124, Japan
TEL:043-273-5994 FAX:043-273-5992
Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Excluding Wednesdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end/New Year holidays)

7.Optional Nature of Providing Personal Information

Whether customers provide their personal information to us is at their discretion. However, if not provided, it may result in the inability to provide appropriate services.


I agree to the handling of personal information.



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